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  1. I visited Auyuittuq National Park in July Given my limited wilderness experience, I decided to do a day hike in the park. Although I wasn't able to get very far into the park, I was still "awe"spired by the beautiful degree vistas of mountains, glaciers and the fjord. 5/5(12).
  2. Mar 20,  · Auyuittuq National Park Coronavirus (COVID):Some Parks Canada places have begun a safe, gradual reopening of some outdoor areas and services, including camping. Visitors are encouraged to plan ahead and be well-prepared for their visit.
  3. Auyuittuq National Park Located on eastern Baffin Island between the communities of Pangnirtung and Qikiqtarjuaq, Auyuittuq (pronounced ‘ow-you-we-took’) National Park is the most accessible national park in Nunavut and the most .
  4. Mar 21,  · Auyuittuq National Park is a 8, square-mile plot of land on the coast of Baffin Bay, which separates North America from Greenland. As you can see, Auyuittuq is incredibly isolated and an extremely “northern” trip for anyone, even Nunavut locals. Auyuittuq is Canada’s first national park located north of the Arctic Circle.
  5. Auyuittuq National Park (ouyōō´ətək, –ətŭk´), c.8, sq mi (21, sq km), E Baffin Island near Pangnirtung, Nunavut Territory, Canada; est. Located on the Cumberland Peninsula, it was the first Canadian national park to be created N of the Arctic park includes scenic fjords, glaciated mountains, numerous glaciers, and the extensive Penny Ice Cap.
  6. Aug 10,  · The name Auyuittuq is Inuktitut which is the Inuit language of the region. It means “the land that never melts” and is pronounced “Ow-you-ee-toock”. It was established as a national park reserve in and became Auyuittuq National Park in with the creation of the Territory of Nunavut.
  7. Mar 27,  · Auyuittuq National Park is located on Baffin Island, Nunavut. Access to Auyuittuq is either from Pangnirtung, located 28 km south of the park boundary along Pangnirtung Fiord, or from Qikiqtarjuaq, located on Broughton Island, 34 km northeast of the park boundary along North Pangnirtung Fiord.
  8. Auyuittuq National Park, from the Inuktitut word for “land that never melts” – also has some of the most dramatic shoreline in all of Canada. The star attraction is undoubtedly Mount Thor, the highest uninterrupted rock face on Planet Earth.

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