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  1. Kushan dynasty, Kushan also spelled Kusana, ruling line descended from the Yuezhi, a people that ruled over most of the northern Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan, and parts of Central Asia during the first three centuries of the Common Era.
  2. Definition of Kushan: a Saka people invading India from central Asia, formerly having a ruling house with control extending over northwest India, much of present-day west Pakistan, and the Ganges valley to Benares, and eventually becoming absorbed as Kshatriyas or Sudras.
  3. Kushan is a large empire loosely based on the real world Kushan empire, ruled by Emperor Ganishka. The empire is located to the far east of Midland. Its military combines large, well organized conventional forces with various supernatural creatures and human magic users.
  4. Oct 07,  · The Kushan Empire began in the early 1st century as a branch of the Yuezhi, a confederation of ethnically Indo-Europeans nomads who lived in eastern Central Asia. Some scholars connect the Kushans with the Tocharians of the Tarim Basin in China, Caucasian people whose blonde or red-haired mummies have long puzzled observers.
  5. Kushan art, also spelled Kusana, art produced during the Kushan dynasty from about the late 1st to the 3rd century ce in an area that now includes parts of Central Asia, northern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Birth and the First Seven Steps of the Buddha, gray schist relief, Gandhara, 2nd or 3rd century ce; in the Art Institute of Chicago.
  6. The name Kushan derives from the Chinese term Guishang, used in historical writings to describe one branch of the Yuezhi—a loose confederation of Indo-European people who had been living in northwestern China until they were driven west by another group, the Xiongnu, in – B.C.
  7. Kushan, alongside a select few local artisans, was proudly exhibited at the Guild of Artisans by 8 Conlay in partnership with Women Of Will. Their aim, to shed light on the beauty and elevate the importance of Malaysian craftsmanship. #8conlayartisans.
  8. Sep 12,  · Explore the History of Kushan Empire which was a part of immense cultural, economic, political and geographical growth. At Mintage World get a clear overview about Kushan Empire History which was known for the trade relations with powerful countries like China and Greece.
  9. Dec 15,  · Epigraphic (Bactrian in Greek script) ΚΟϷΑΝ košan, Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Guṣāṇa, Parthian kšn, ultimately from Chinese 貴霜 / 贵霜 (Guìshuāng). The conventional name Kushan and the proposed connection with the Chinese term is due to Alexander Cunningham's Coins of the Indo-Scythians, Sakas & Kushans ().

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