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  1. Coolness is an aesthetic of attitude, behavior, comportment, appearance and style which is generally admired. Because of the varied and changing connotations of cool, as well as its subjective nature, the word has no single meaning. It has associations of composure and self-control and often is used as an expression of admiration or approval. Although commonly .
  2. Being cool is hard. Staying cool is harder. It’s an elusive quality, in part because it’s an elusive word with layers of nuanced meaning that peel off Author: Mike Vuolo.
  3. Apr 11,  · This part of the cool down can be done as you perform the other two parts. Both fluid and food are important. Drink plenty of water, plus a good quality sports drink. The best type of food to eat straight after a workout is that which is easily digestible. Fruit is a good example.
  4. Jun 18,  · Trump said invading Venezuela would be “cool” and described the South American country as “really part of the United States,” according to the Washington Post, one of three publications that were given access to some content from Bolton’s memoir, ‘The Room Where It Happened.’.
  5. Cool is an old word, of course, and leading up to the 20th century it had developed an array of meanings from "calm and dispassionate" to "audaciously impudent." But it took the jazzmen of the s to transform it into the universal sign of approval that we know and love. Part of the interview is available on YouTube: Rate this article.
  6. Define cool. cool synonyms, cool pronunciation, cool translation, English dictionary definition of cool. adj. cool·er, cool·est 1. Neither warm nor very cold; moderately cold: fresh, cool water; a cool autumn evening.
  7. Jan 25,  · Her question is part of Curious Texas, Stratford, about 80 miles north of Amarillo, even sees average low temperatures dip down to a cool degrees during June.
  8. The exact origin of the "Cool S" is unknown, but it may have originated from geometry textbooks and has appeared around the early s [page needed] as a part of graffiti culture. Contrary to popular belief, the symbol has no ties to either the U.S. clothing brand Stüssy or to the character Superman, though.
  9. Jun 28,  · Part of the Plan Lyrics: Yeah, you're damn right, this the way I am / I'm tryna be like, no, I know that I / Didn't need it / Said, I didn't need it / I tried to do right but I lost my cool .

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