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  1. SEDNA’s team collaboration and email management solution cuts down on message volume, streamlines communication, and provides cross-company transparency to let your team do their best work—wherever they are. Get Your Free Product Overview Helping High-Volume Teams Work Together. Keeping Remote Teams on the Same Page.
  2. Sedna, small body in the outer solar system that may be the first discovered object from the Oort cloud. Sedna was discovered in by a team of American astronomers at Palomar Observatory on Mount Palomar, California.
  3. Apr 30,  · Sedna is a solar system body that is one of the most distant bodies found in our solar system. The object's closest approach to the sun is .
  4. Oct 17,  · Sedna is about km in diameter, slightly smaller than Pluto. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Sedna is its orbit. Though it is not yet known to high precision it is clear that Sedna’s orbit is highly elliptical with a perihelion of about 75 AU and an orbital period of about years.
  5. Jan 22,  · Sedna is located in the Oort Cloud, a region containing many icy objects and the theoretical source of many comets. It takes a long time for Sedna to orbit the Sun, longer than any other known object in the solar system.
  6. Sedna is extremely far from the sun, in the coldest known region of our solar system, where temperatures never rise above minus degrees Celsius (minus degrees Fahrenheit). The planetoid is usually even colder, because it approaches the sun only briefly during its 10, .
  7. Sedna was founded in with four hardworking young people, a tiny office and a borrowed pickup truck. Today we have a team of over 60 skilled employees across offices in .
  8. Sedna is the must-have system for Dream Yacht Med since it offers the best way to optimize our business processes and it is the only system that enables to extend our business worldwide since we can reach an extensive network of agencies from all over the .
  9. Sedna is committed to providing high quality, cost effective solutions to meet or exceed our customer requirements. We strive to achieve this by monitoring customer satisfaction, reviewing our processes, and improving our products on a continuing basis to ensure that they are the best we can offer.

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